Center of the Universe


“Center of the Universe”
painted in milk paint on sustainable clay tiles painted in milk paint, which is the world’s oldest paint formula (milk, lime, and earth pigments), dating to prehistoric times. Milk paint is non-toxic to humans and animals and environmentally safe for interior and exterior use on homes. It is well suited for fine art as well as fine furnishings, antiques, and restoration work. Milk paint mixes beautifully to produce exquisite colors and hues, bold or subtle, with a lasting, elegant, luminous yet matte finish. It is the primitive paint necessarily becoming the paint of the future.

Center of the Universe
– Mary Jo Magar –
We seek and find, then again must seek,
For what is found is not the truest end,
Not the beginning, but end to extend;
So we mission to space, build a physique
Of industry, science, arts – all oblique
Compared to what we seek to apprehend,
So near and simple that we condescend
Even to consider before critique.
Searching high and low forgets the middle
But most forgets the search as seeker – one –
Like fact and fiction, answer and riddle,
Like Earth aligned with the full moon and sun.
The search is over once found as twiddle,
And thence, there, the center, ALL – said and done.